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I’m now offering editorial services for middle grade and young adult manuscripts across all genres! Having critique partners edit and help revise my work took me to the next level and allowed me to land an agent and publishing deal within four (yes, FOUR!) months, from drafting THE DRAGON WARRIOR during Nanowrimo 2017, to the book going to auction in March 2018. I firmly believe that receiving editorial insight from others allowed me to learn how to deeply revise, and in turn provide crucial feedback to others that has helped them make their work shine as well.

Query, Synopsis, and First Chapter Consultation

Query: $25. I will read your query letter and edit for presentation, content, tone, grammar, etc. I will also give you my thoughts on the pitch overall and provide insight on how to better appeal to agents. This includes up to 2 passes of revisions.

Query + Synopsis Package: $40. The query service is the same as outlined above. In addition, I will read your synopsis (should be 1-2 single-spaced pages) and provide line edits, readerly feedback, and overall thoughts. This includes up to 2 passes of revisions.

Submission Package: $85. In addition to feedback and line edits on your query and synopsis, this package also includes feedback and edits on your first chapter (up to 10 pages, double-spaced).

Manuscript Editing and Critique

Reader Report: .007 cents per word (i.e. 50k words = $350). With a reader report, you receive all my normal editorial services, with the feedback presented into 5-10 pages emphasizing my main critiques. Instead of providing line edits, I’ll point to specific examples in the overall letter to show how you could improve upon plot, voice, character development, and other craft areas. This is the service for those who don’t wish to wait longer to receive feedback on every line, as I can turn around a reader report with my overall thoughts without delay. I will highlight my main critiques and provide next revision steps. Contact me directly for pricing details specific to your manuscript.

Line Edits: .012 cents per word (ex. 50k manuscript = $600). With line edits, I will dig deeply into the developmental aspects of your manuscript, focusing on story arc, plot, stakes, tension, structure, character, and other major craft considerations. These are highly important areas that, once crafted together well, WILL land you that agent and/or editor. I will not only provide my feedback from a reader standpoint, but also focus on the nuts and bolts of your writing, including more editorial concerns like grammar and voice and style. Line edits are much more intensive than reader reports, and are for the most serious writers who need someone to really uproot their novel to prepare it for submission. This service includes an edit letter (5+ pages) providing overall feedback about your novel’s strengths and weaknesses, along with detailed line edits and feedback within the document itself, and a thorough assessment of your story as a whole. Contact me directly for pricing details specific to your manuscript.

Overall Novel Feedback Call: $60 per hour. With the overall novel feedback call, I will read your partial or full manuscript before hopping on the phone with you to provide my thoughts on big picture critiques. If your novel is in its early stages and you’re seeking feedback on bigger ideas and themes, this is the service for you. Contact me if you’re interested in this service, and as we discuss pricing, I will estimate my reading time for your story (i.e. I will budget 3 hours for a 50k manuscript, or $180, with NO additional charge for the phone call). Please note that all feedback will be discussed vocally over phone, and there is no written feedback provided for this service. Contact me directly for pricing details specific to your manuscript.


“Not only does Katie go above and beyond with her attention to detail—both with big picture issues and line-by-line issues—but Katie brings something truly unique: her unmatched understanding of publishing and what agents/editors are looking for will shape your manuscript and/or submission package the right way, putting your work at a major advantage. Katie’s notes, edits, and suggestions are invaluable and will give you a jumpstart to reaching your goals as a writer.” - Britney Shae, recently agented YA author now represented by Lydia Silver at Darley Anderson.

“The best editors don't dictate what a writer should do but give the writer space to think about how to solve problems. Katie is an editor like that, encouraging and thoughtful while respecting an author's voice. I've entrusted three manuscripts to her, and her insights on pacing, character development, and description have been invaluable. In fact, one of the unpublished novels I revised with her feedback was recently short-listed for an international prize!" - Cassandra Farrin, speculative fiction writer and managing editor of Amberjack Publishing

I met and had the opportunity to work with Katie through Author Mentor Match, a program that matches new writers with agented authors to sharpen their craft. Katie's feedback is a perfect blend of upbeat enthusiasm and intelligent critique. She took my manuscript and provided insightful suggestions for expanding character arcs, digging into the emotional landscape of the novel, and restructuring the plot to be faster paced. Katie truly took the time to understand my story and voice in an industry that is often too busy to take such care. Her ability to identify and articulate the edits that will most improve the work while bringing out its heart is a rare skill. I am so lucky to have worked with Katie and can't recommend her services highly enough!” - Jennafyr Giuffrida, AMM Round 4 Mentee, and YA fantasy author of WINGS OF DAWN

"Katie is a master at creating complex characters. She can always point out where an arc falls flat or motivation needs work. As a writer, she makes sure every character reads as a memorable individual with heart. As an editor, she uses her profound understanding of human emotion to help your characters hold up a story and not the other way around.

Her ability to world build without infodumping is exactly what my complex magic systems need, and I can depend on her to pick through my plot holes with a fine-tooth comb. And on top of that, she has excellent instincts when it comes to pacing and can see a drop off coming a mile away. Katie will help ensure your book has all the perfect quiet moments, but never a slow moment." - Alyssa Eatherly, Literary Foreign Rights Assistant at William Morris Endeavor

“I hired Katie for a reader report for my YA manuscript. She got back to me extremely promptly with her completed reader report. She went above and beyond, generously providing more pages of comments than I expected. Her comments were exceptionally detailed and constructive. She provided feedback on everything I had mentioned I was concerned about, but also addressed things I hadn't thought to ask about. Her suggestions on pacing and the plotline were very thorough, and she was able to give specific examples of what worked where and what didn't. Knowing that she has experience with being agented and has gone through the publishing process made everything she said especially valuable. My experience working with Katie was wonderful and I look forward to working with her in the future.” - Kaavya Ramesh, YA fantasy author of SO CAME THE SCORCHING SUN

  • DISCOUNTS: I will offer a 10% discount on all services for writers of marginalized backgrounds. Contact me below for further specific details.

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